Multiple Teams · XC – meet information for Warpath Invitational, SAT 9-19

Departure Time:  Bus will leave at 8 from the bus loading area at Centennial.  All athletes should report at 7:40 am to complete necessary covid 19 screening procedures and load the buses.  Buses will be loaded from the back row to the front, with only one athlete per seat and all athletes must wear a mask while on the bus.  Upon arrival, athletes will disembark from the front row back and the bus drivers will disinfect and clean the bus during the meet.

Meet Schedule:  Due to pandemic, the meet is being run in heats rather than the entire team competing at once.  Below is our race schedule with athletes listed for each heat.  This is subject to change if the list of attendees changes.

Varsity White Boys- First Wave- 10:05 (Runners 1-5)  McAree, Jordan, S Ead, LJ King, Masachi

Varsity White Boys- Second Wave- 10:08 (Runners 6-10)  J Ead, Spalding, Moore, Janco, Wright

Varsity White Girls- First Wave- 10:30 (Runners 1-5)  Williams, K Strickland, J Strickland, Schurmann, Shipp

Varsity White Boys- Second Wave- 10:33 (Runners 6-10) Schulz,  Minchew, Siegwarth, Townsend, Naish

JV White Boys- First Wave- 11:10 (Runners 1-5)  Mrus, Southern, Martin, Girard, Goldstein

JV White Boys- Second Wave- 11:13 (Runners 6-10)  Sheffield, Stafford, Calvert, Mazeal, Walker

JV White Girls- First Wave- 11:40 (Runners 1-5)  Muse, Palam, Widmann, Wilson, Nursalim,

JV White Girls- Second Wave- 11:43 (Runners 6-10) Cangelosi, Dunn,  Strain, Britton,

JV White Boys Open- No Wave- 12:15 (unlimited)  All boys not listed above

JV White Girls Open- No Wave- 12:45  (unlimited) All Girls not listed above

These are the schools competing in the white races:

    1. Carrollton
    2. Centennial
    3. Chattahoochee
    4. Dacula
    5. Dawson
    6. Locust Grove
    7. Fideles Christian
    8. Gainsville
    9. Jefferson
    10. Mill Creek
    11. Mount Pisagh
    12. North Oconee
    13. Pace
    14. St. Pius
    15. White Count
    16. Whitefield Academy

Fans and their safety

  • All Fans are expected to wear masks
  • No Fans at the Starting line,
  • No Fans at the Finish Line
  • No Fans in the team tent Area
  • Fans will be separate from Athletes
    • Fans have all hill access for full view of the start and finish line areas.
    • Fans must stay back 6 ft from the race course for viewing.
    • NOTE:  there is a $5 admission charge, and NO CASH will handle at the gate.  Please use this link to purchase your admission

Team Tent area:  Athletes are required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing while in our own tent area.  Each team is assigned a specific area that is separated from other teams by 20 yards.  NOTE:  team snacks will not be provided this year, each athlete should plan to bring enough food and water for their needs.  There will be a limited amount of water available, but it will be distributed by a coach only – there will be no communal water coolers for the time being.

The team will depart immediately after the last race.  Parents are allowed to take their athletes home with them if they have completed the required form.  A link to print the form is posted below

Centennial Cross Country Transportation Form

The bus is expected to return to Centennial at approximately 3 pm

Please email Coach Weigand with any questions or concerns about this event