Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · XC – rosters for June practices

Show below are the athletes who have been cleared to participate in the June practice sessions.  If your name appears on the list, you may attend one or both of the sessions.  If your name is NOT listed, you are NOT permitted to attend until rosters expand in July.

Practice begins at 7:30 and will be completed by 8:30.  Athletes should arrive early in order to have the necessary pre-screening completed before practice begins.

For June 17th – Girls team will meet in the stadium and boys will meet at the bus canopy.

Please email Coach Weigand with any questions.

Boys Girls
1 Barrett McAree 1 Lily  Williams
2 Michael Trute 2 Hannah Schurman
3 Jack Jordan 3 Kirsten Strickland
4 Sam Ead 4 Jillian Strickland
5 Jay Ead 5 Mia Muse
6 Daniel Cardelino 6 Elizabeth Townsend
7 Matthew Southern 7 Jordan Siegwarth
8 Jake Masachi 8 Krista Palam
9 Mathew Spalding 9 Ana Cangelosi
10 Trey Sheffield 10 Carmella Dunn
11 Matthew Wright 11 Natalie Schulz
12 Bradley Salgado 12 Elizabeth Britton
13 Padon Stafford 13 Addy Wilson
14 Harrison Goldstein 14 Ansley Strain
15 Noah Martin 15 Emily Minchew
16 Brad Rehberger 16 Emily Sovero
17 Holden Rohrer 17 Annie Shea
18 Luke Thomas 18 Jordyn Rosenstein