Multiple Teams · Athletic Awards Night

Our seniors have graduated, our underclassman have one more exam left, and our school year has come to a close. While this year did not work out the way anyone had planned, we still want to celebrate everything our students have achieved. Our final awards ceremony of the year is our Athletic Awards Night. Normally our Awards Night is in person, but this year our coaches all came together virtually to celebrate our Outstanding Student Athletes.



Congratulations also to all of our Excalibur Award winners for 2019-20. The Excalibur Award is the highest honor for a Centennial athlete and is awarded through a team vote to a deserving senior. The honor is given for outstanding leadership, loyalty, strength of character, and integrity.

Congratulations to these Knights!

Sport 2019-20 Excalibur Winner
Football Richard Shaw
Baseball Will Haberstock
Cheers Hanna Middleton
Softball Chloe Heaton
Volleyball Olivia Weidmann
Cross Country
Matthew Armbruster
Molly Hyser/Megan Strickland
Kaleb Jordan
Bailey Hebermehl
Wrestling Reymi Reyes
Cheer – Basketball Takirah Peacock
Bryan Teffteller
Taylor Widmann
Matthew Armbruster
Samantha Lahey
Will Player
Cathryn Gray
Andrew White
Ella Hancock and Emily Cate Smith
Robert Merrill
Talia Herrera

Thank you all for all of your support and for the last time in 2019-20, GO KNIGHTS!!!