Multiple Teams · Spring Sport Seniors of 2020

To the Spring Sport Class of 2020,

While we may have lost this season, we will never lose the memory of what it meant to be Knights. Usually our final memories are that photo at Senior Night, hugging your teammates and coaches, winning playoff games and for a lucky few, winning a championship. Sometimes that last memory is a playoff loss. . . that moment when you gave it your all, did everything you could, fought as hard as you could and it still wasn’t in the cards that night. Those nights are often more memorable. You come together as a team, grieve then end of your season as a team, and grieve the end of your careers while still feeling the bond with your teammates around and knowing there may not be a more memorable group you will ever be a part of.

Our final memories this year are different. There are feelings of loss, feelings of anger, feelings of sadness. . .but also of the team. How you all came together, how you stayed ready until the last minute, and how you persevered through this when the easy thing to do would have been to quit. This video is to give you one last positive memory of being a Knight. You will never be forgotten.

Once a Knight, Always a Knight!

Go Knights!!!