Knights News · Centennial Closed as of 3/13

Following yesterday’s announcement that Fulton County Schools is closing school as of noon on Friday 3/13 until further notice, I received the directive from the Fulton County Athletics Department that all extra-curricular activities (athletics, fine arts, etc) are canceled as well, beginning on Friday, March 13th….This cancellation includes all practices, games, meetings, banquets, events, conditioning, etc—anything related to the school and/or high school organization!…..Nothing should be encouraged and school facilities are closed during this shutdown….This also includes any junior programs and rental groups who use our facilities (please inform them immediately)…Fulton County Schools and Centennial High School HS are closed until further notice!

I know this leaves a lot of questions as far as region games/playoff spots and state playoffs. Coaches will be working to determine how state playoff spots will be determined, but we need to get settled in this new normal of teaching and learning through digital learning first and foremost. The GHSA has published a statement regarding regions; their statement says they will make more decisions by the end of the day on March 27th. I believe it is best to save all speculation and ideas until the GHSA has issued their statement later this month. Please understand that your coaches will be hard at work to create the best of end of season experiences we can for our athletes when we return.

Most importantly, I know this is a crazy time, but hopefully, everyone can catch your breath, stay well, and possibly recharge during this time out of school. Athletes, please work to stay in shape and stay ready for a season restart.

Jeff Burch

Athletic Director

Centennial High School

Office: 470-254-4202

Cell: 404-324-1675