Coed Varsity Swimming & Dive · Swim and Dive Keeps Streaks Alive at State: Girls 3rd, Boys 6th

The thought going into the 2019-2020 season was that the Knights girl’s team lost too many Seniors from last year’s state championship team, and the boys were emerging but still a little too young. But, as they say, you can’t measure heart. The boys and girls teams gritted out some excellent swims to maintain two streaks: 1) The girls have now finished on the podium 3 straight years (3rd in 2018, 1st in 2019, 3rd in 2020) and 2) The boys have now had 6 straight top 10 finishes.

Selecting a single performance to highlight from the meet is hard to do. The Knights broke 3 school records (Sergile – 2, Ward – 1). They had 4 All American Consideration times (Sergile – 2, Singletary – 1, Ward – 1). They had 8 podium finishes, and 7 other top 10 finishes. They had multiple divers score points for the team for the first time in the last 5 years. Do we highlight Sebastien Sergile emerging as one of the top distance swimmers in the State as just a Sophomore? How about one of the top recruits in the state, Madeline Singletary, finishing on the podium 4 times? Or the closeout of Katharine Ward’s decorated Centennial career?

No, if forced, it might be the final swim of the meet. After a 4+ hour session on Friday night and a 4+ hour session on Saturday night, the girls team was clinging to the 3rd spot over Lakeside Evans, Johns Creek and Sequoyah. Lakeside Evans threw down a surprising 3:35.45 in an earlier heat so the Knights had their work cut out for them (Centennial had a 3:38.17 in prelims). You don’t drop 3 seconds on a relay without every single member of the team contributing. Singletary started off the relay with a 52.15 (0.42 seconds faster than prelims). Collerette continued with a 53.95 (1.34 seconds faster). Bender dropped a 56.04 (1.33 seconds faster). This left the Senior anchor, Katharine Ward, who had a swam her best time in prelims. If she could just do that again in her final swim for the Knights, the girls would hold onto the third and final spot on the podium. Ward delivered with a 52.25 (0.69 seconds faster than prelims) to put both the medley relay and the girls overall in the 3rd position on the podium.


Girls Podium Finishes

Girls Medley Relay (Collerette, Bender, Ward, Singletary) – 3rd place

Madeline Singletary 200FR – 2nd place

Madeline Singletary 500FR – 2nd place *All American Consideration*

Katharine Ward 100BR – 3rd place *All American Consideration* *New School Record*

Girls 400FR Relay (Singletary, Collerette, Bender, Ward) – 3rd place


Girls Top 10 Finishes

Katharine Ward 200IM – 5th place

Alexis Bender 200IM – 9th place

Hannah Collerette 50FR – 5th place

Hannah Collerette 100FR – 6th place


Boys Podium Finishes

Sebastien Sergile 200FR – 2nd place *All American Consideration*

Ben Engel 1 meter diving – 2nd place

Sebastien Sergile 500FR – 2nd place *All American Consideration* *New School Record*


Boys Top 10 Finishes

Girls 200 Medley Relay (Saunders, J Bender, Sergile, Teffeteller) – 6th place

Camden Bowers 1 meter diving – 6th place

Boys 200FR Relay (Sergile, Goodsite, Bender, Teffeteller) – 5th place *Sergile New School Record*


Centennial 2020 State Team

Camden Bowers

Ben Engel

Allee Howard

Will Cave

Taylor Davidson

Makenzie Flenniken

Jack Ford

Nick Morris

Renata Ocampo

Ethan Ramaglia

Taylor Widmann

Alexis Bender

Justin Bender

Matthew Bender

Gabby Born

Hannah Collerette

Rhese Goodsite

Venla Harkonen

Arden King

Hudson King

Caleb Paek

Aidan Saunders

Sebastien Sergile

Kelsey Shipp

Madeline Singletary

Bryan Teffeteller

Anna Teodorescu

Katharine Ward