cross Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · XC – Schedule for week of September 23

Monday – Woodified, with 2 uptempo miles.  Expected time of completion – 5:15

Tuesday – Pre-race practice.  Expected time of completion – 4:30

Wednesday – Buford Invitational.  Athletes will be dismissed at 2 pm to report the bus ASAP.  The bus will depart from its normal parking spot in the “B” lot when the 2nd to the last person arrives at the bus- so don’t be the late to the bus or you will be left behind and not participate in the meet.  The race schedule is shown below.  Only the athletes listed are participating due to space constraints on the single available bus/driver.

JV Girls: 4:00pm – Martin, Britton, Wilson, Dunn, Johnson, Minchew, Palam, Rosenstein, Shea, Siegwarth, Sovero, Strain, Cangelosi

JV Boys: 4:45pm – Olgelsby, Tavani, Salgado, Southern, Martin, Calvert, Chunta, Crean, Goldstein, Hott, Mrus, Masachi, Stafford,

Varsity Girls: 5:30pm – Hyser, Lahey, M Strickland, K Strickland, Muse, Townsend, Widmann, Williams, Schurman, J Strickland

Varsity Boys: 6:15pm – Mcaree, Trute, Amato, Armbruster, Goodsite, Sewell, J Ead, S Ead, Cardelino, Spalding,

The team will make a VERY SHORT dinner stop on the way back to school and should return to Centennial by 9:30

Parents are encouraged to pick up their athletes from the meet (Buford Middle School 2750 Sawnee Ave, Buford, GA 30518).  If an athlete would like to ride home with someone else’s parents – please complete the transportation form and give it to Coach Weigand on the day of the event.

Centennial Cross Country Transportation Form

Thursday – Short recovery run, course TBD – expected time of completion – 5:30.

Friday – off

Saturday – 8 am – meet at Centennial for bus trip to practice location (work out TBA).