Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · XC – schedule for week of OCT 15

MON – pre-race striders.  Expected time of completion – 4:30 pm.

TUE – Harrier Harvest meet.  Roster is limited to 40 total athletes.

Students will be dismissed from class at the end of 4th period.  The bus will leave immediately from the “B” lot.  Athletes may lock any bags in Coach Weigand’s car that they do not wish to take to the meet.

4:30 Var Boys (Top 10) – Mcaree, Ead, Gresham, Baham, Armbruster, Zuno, Styer, Goodsite, Lucas

5:00 Var Girls (Top 10) – Truax, Du Plessis, L Buchanan, Williams, M Strickland, Hodges, Klimov, Mariche, S. Buchanan, Lahey

5:30 Combined JV.

Girls – Alexis, Lamarche, Pfeifer, Roberts, Sadana, Townsend, Widman, K Strickland, Britton, Cattoni, Hyser, Martin

Boys– Barbuto, Mayville, Razavi, Rehberger, Sewell, Cardelino, Moore, Martin, Spalding, Baratian,

6:15 Awards

There will be a short fast food stop for dinner on the return trip.  Expected time of return to Centennial – 9:30-10:00 pm.

WED – Short recovery run, course TBA.  Expected time of completion – 5:00 pm.

THUR- Scavenger Hunt practice.  Expected time of completion – 6:30.

FRI – off

SAT/SUN – strava run of 3 miles