Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · XC- schedule for week of OCT 1

MON- 1 practice field warm-up lap;  4 striders; 1 800 at race pace.  Expected time of completion – 4:45 pm.

TUE – Cass/Cartersville Invitational.

Boys JV 4:30–  D Rehberger, Martin, Razavi, Corely, Combs, Barbuto, Spalding, Cardelino,  Welles, Mayville, Sewell, Zuno, Amato, Goodsite

Girls JV 4:35– Hodges, S. Buchanan, Hyser, Townsend, Muse, K Strickland, Britton, Lamarche, Martin, Cattoni, Dewitt, Chawla, Lahey, Pfeifer,

Boys Varsity 5:15 – Mcaree, Ead, Gresham, Baham, Styer, Armbruster, Lucas

Girls Varsity 5:45 –  Truax, Du Plessis, L. Buchanan, Williams, M Strickland, Klimov, Mariche

Athletes will be dismissed from 5th period at 2:20 pm.  The bus will leave when the 2nd to the last person boards the bus.

There will be a fast food stop for dinner after the race.  Expected time of return to Centennial is 9:30 pm.

WED – SR pictures for banner immediately after school on track.  Senior should bring black shorts  and their black jerseys.  If you do not have a varsity jersey, one will be loaned  to you for the picture.  Workout – Woodfield run.  Expected time of completion – 5:30 pm.

THUR – Corn Maze practice (optional).  The team will depart Centennial immediately after school and drive to Uncle Shuck’s corn maze in Dawsonville.  The athletes will be divided into teams and compete to see who can run through the corn maze the fastest.  The cost of admission to the corn maze is $10, payable to Coach Weigand that day please.  Space is limited due to bus capacity, please RSVP with Coach Weigand.  There will be a fast food stop for dinner on the drive back to Centennial.  Expected time of return to school – 9:30 pm.

FRI or SAT – Strava distance run.  Athletes are to complete a distance and must record on the strava app.  Failure to complete this task will result in an unexcused practice and will result in missing the next meet.  The guidelines for what constitutes a distance run are listed below.


4+ miles- Alexis, Roberts, Sadana, McDonough, Chunta, Underhill, A. Klimov, Robie, Stevens, MIller

5+ miles – Lamarche, Cattoni, O Martin, Pauls, Chawla, Dewitt, K Strickland, Barker, Britton, Harrrera, Muse, Townsend, Widman,

6+ miles – Buchanans, Du Plessis, Hodges, Klimov, Pfeifer, Truax, Hyser, Lahey, M Strickland, Williams, Mariche


4+ miles – Phon, B Rehberger, Angeles, Callahan, Gilligan, Johson, Richards, Rohrer, Sheffield, Sillito,

6+ miles – Barbuto, Lucas, Mayville, Razavi, D Rehberger, Sewell, Tavani, Moore, Shirrmeyer, Cardelino, Combs, Corley, Martin, Spalding

7+ miles – Amato, Armbruster, Baham, Goodsite, Gresham, Styer, Welles, Zuno, Ead, Macaree,