Coed Varsity Swimming & Dive · Centennial Swim & Dive Surpasses High Expectations at GHSA 6A-7AState Championships

Year in and year out, the GHSA 6-7A State Championships is one of the fastest and deepest meets anywhere in the nation.  This year’s was no exception.  The weekend can be just as taxing mentally as physically, with a swimmer having to wait long periods of time for their one opportunity to exceed in a race.  Then having to be perfect to accomplish their goals.  A tenth of a second here or there can mean the difference between success and failure.

Girls Recap

The Centennial Girl’s came into the 2017-2018 season with high expectations.  Coming off a successful 2016-2017 season, it was clear.  The Knight’s goal was Top 3 finish in the state.  Early in the meet, they faced adversity that would have doomed most teams, but this team of girls rallied around each other.  The adversity seemed to fuel their fire for the rest of the weekend.  As it always seems to, it came down to the last race of the 3 day meet, and the Knights passed Harrison for the third and final spot on the podium.*

Highest Team Finish since 2006, 3 New School Records, 4 Podium (Top 3 in 6A-7A) Finishes; 2 All American Consideration Times, 12 Top Ten 6A Finishes.

Brianna Bender – 6th in 200IM; 2nd in 500FR

Elly Deas – 2nd in 100FL; 2nd in 100BK (3rd in 6A-7A Division); Elly’s 100FL broke the 2009 school record; Her 100BK broke her own school record from last year

Tessa Sergile – 9th in 200IM; 8th in 100FL

Madeline Singletary – 4th in 200FR; 4th in 500FR

Katharine Ward – 1st in 200IM (3rd in 6A-7A Division); 2nd in 100BR (3rd in 6A-7A Division); Katharine’s 200IM time broke the 2009 school record; Her 200IM and 100BR time both qualify her for All American Consideration

200FR Relay (Katharine Ward, Venla Harkonen, Cate Bucci, Madeline Singletary) – 8th

400FR Relay (Elly Deas, Tessa Sergile, Brianna Bender, Madeline Singletary) – 2nd (3rd in 6A-7A Division)

Congratulations to all of the girls on this year’s State Team: Brianna Bender, Emsley Brems, Cate Bucci, Sarah Buchanan, Elly Deas, Venla Harkonen, Allee Howard, Elena Jerkovic, Vanessa Sachs, Tessa Sergile, Madeline Singletary, Katharine Ward.  A special thank you and congratulations to our senior captains – Brianna Bender, Emsley Brems, and Vanessa Sachs.

Boys Recap

The boys small but Senior laden team was not going to be upstaged by their female counterparts.  They finished 7th place which was the Knight’s men 2nd Top 10 finish in the past 3 years.

1 New School Record, 1 All American Consideration Time, 6 Top Ten 6A Finishes

Noland Deas – 3rd in 200FR; 2nd in 500FR; Noland’s 200FR will qualify him for All American Consideration; His 50FR split on the 200FR Relay broke the 2008 school record

Joe Peak – 8th in 200IM; 6th in 100FL

200FR Relay (Noland Deas, Bryan Teffeteller, Ben Hudson, Joe Peak) – 6th

400FR Relay (Joe Peak, Ben Hudson, Bryan Teffeteller, Noland Deas) – 8th

Congratulations to all of the boys on this year’s State Team: Noland Deas, Trevor Dios, Ben Engel, Rhese Goodsite, Ben Hudson, Joe Peak, Derek Rehberger, Bryan Teffeteller, Austin Yearout.   A special thank you and congratulations to our senior captains – Noland Deas, Trevor Dios, Ben Hudson, and Joe Peak.

Link to photo gallery – Note that we have not finished gathering all the photos, there will be more in a few days.

Complete Results



Article written by Jason Ward
*Note that the 6A and 7A teams competed at the same time.  To qualify for a medal, you had to finish in the top 3 in the top qualifying heat for 6A and 7A combined.  The placements were later broken out to give 6A and 7A finish results.