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Coed Varsity Fencing · CHS Fencing Schedule 2017-208

2017-2018 Georgia High School Fencing League Schedule

Round 1 Three regular season tournaments

Alpharetta 9-Sep-17 Alpharetta, BEST, Campbell, Fellowship, Milton, Pope, Walton

Johns Creek 9-Sep-17 Centennial, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, North Atlanta, North Springs, Northview, Roswell

South Forsyth 9-Sep-17 Cambridge, Chattahoochee, Lambert, Lassiter, Pinecrest, South Forsyth

Round 2 Three regular season tournaments

Centennial 23-Sep-17 BEST, Campbell, Centennial, Chattahoochee, Fellowship, Johns Creek, Pinecrest

Milton 23-Sep-17 Cambridge, Dunwoody, Milton, North Springs, Northview, South Forsyth, Walton

Pope 23-Sep-17 Alpharetta, Lambert, Lassiter, North Atlanta, Pope, Roswell

Round 3 Three regular season tournaments

Cambridge 21-Oct-17 Cambridge, Campbell, Dunwoody, North Atlanta, Pope, Roswell, South Forsyth

Chattahoochee 21-Oct-17 BEST, Chattahoochee, Fellowship, Johns Creek, Lassiter, Northview, Walton

Lambert 21-Oct-17 Alpharetta, Centennial, Lambert, Milton, North Springs, Pinecrest

Round 4 Note that Dunwoody’s tournament is at Dunwoody ELEMENTARY School

Campbell 4-Nov-17 Campbell, Centennial, Lassiter, North Springs, Pope, Walton

Dunwoody 4-Nov-17 Alpharetta, BEST, Chattahoochee, Dunwoody, Milton, North Atlanta, Roswell

Pinecrest 4-Nov-17 Cambridge, Fellowship, Johns Creek, Lambert, Northview, Pinecrest, South Forsyth

Round 5 Three regular season tournaments

BEST 2-Dec-17 BEST, Centennial, Dunwoody, Lassiter, Milton, North Atlanta, Walton

Northview 2-Dec-17 Alpharetta, Cambridge, Johns Creek, Lambert, Northview, Pinecrest

Roswell 2-Dec-17 Campbell, Chattahoochee, Fellowship, North Springs, Pope, Roswell, South Forsyth

Round 6 Three regular season tournaments

Fellowship 16-Dec-17 Fellowship, North Atlanta, Northview, Pinecrest, Pope, Roswell, Walton

Johns Creek 16-Dec-17 Alpharetta, Campbell, Chattahoochee, Johns Creek, Lassiter, Milton

North Springs 16-Dec-17 BEST, Cambridge, Centennial, Dunwoody, Lambert, North Springs, South Forsyth

Round 7 Three regular season tournaments

Lassiter 13-Jan-18 Alpharetta, BEST, Lassiter, Milton, North Atlanta, South Forsyth

Roswell 13-Jan-18 Centennial, Chattahoochee, Dunwoody, Fellowship, North Springs, Pinecrest, Roswell

Walton 13-Jan-18 Cambridge, Campbell, Johns Creek, Lambert, Northview, Pope, Walton

Individual Championship Top 84 fencers of each sex (who have competed in 4 tournaments)

Northview 27-Jan-18 All schools

Team Championship Top 24 teams of each sex (with at least 3 eligible fencers)

Pope 3-Feb-18 All schools