Coed Varsity Swimming & Dive · CHS Swim & Dive Fundraiser

Good morning everyone,

Before the weekend begins there are few updates that I would like to communicate in order to insure we have the best season possible.

Swim and dive is a non-revenue generating sport, meaning we do not fund our program off of ticket sales because, plain and simple, we do not have a home-facility. Therefore, our program is budgeted off of the amount of revenue that is generated by the fall sports. Last year we projected a larger amount of income than we are now seeing come in and factored that into our budgeting. With that being said, all sports have just been informed of the need to re-budget because we are frankly not hitting our projected income.

I want to be clear that Swim and Dive is not the only sport at the school that is having to re-budget because of funding. Our athletic director and our principal have been working persistently with me to guarantee that swim and dive is taken care of. At the conclusion of the fall season, the school will be providing our program with a donation; the amount will depend on the amount of income generated during the fall season.

Swim and Dive is the only sport (not generating revenue) that does not fundraise. I have put together a simple fundraiser at in order to raise money for our program. With the help of a few athletes who have already taken the initiative to sign-up and raise money for their team, we have already raised nearly $500 in less than 48 hours.

Coach Mooney and I are asking that each athlete aim to raise $300. All donations will go towards supporting and improving our program and providing our athletes with bonding opportunities so we can bridge the gap between genders, ages, and team position. It is important to us to know our athletes, have them know us, and have them know each other—it cements memories and helps our program thrive. Additionally, the contributions we receive will allow us to cover the costs of training, travel expenses, spirit wear, and lane rental fees. Most importantly, this fundraiser will provide our kids and coaches with the support needed to develop strong, young men and women of character, integrity, and pride.

Steps for OurFund

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Find your team or group’ (Top right corner)
  • Type ‘Centennial High School Swim and Dive” into the search box
  • Select the link presented (next to orange arrow)
  • Hit the red ‘Join Me’ button
  • Fill out the information boxes
  • From here, all you have to do is add “Donors”
    • E-mail family, friends, etc.

We appreciate all the hard work parents and athletes put into our program and thank you for your continued support.

Amanda Bissonnette
Head Swim and Dive Coach
Centennial High School