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Winter Break Conditioning Program

Our fitness test is on Jan. 13. If you plan to be in shape at the time of the test, you should plan on working out 5 – 7 times over your winter break. Please choose from the exercises below. You can also look online for different interval training methods that have approximately 30 minutes of total activity with periods of intense sprinting. To go along with your workout, try and get 10 – 15 minutes of ball work (juggling, dribbling, skill work, rebounder work) as well. Long and short passing with a partner can also be great. 

1.) Fartlek Training – 21 minute total run with sprints varying from :15 seconds to :90 seconds. Sprints should be run as hard as possible and the goal is 15 sprints over the 21 minute training.

2.) 10 Second Bursts – Burst hard with max effort for :10 then slow down and coast for :30. Complete this for two sets of 5:00 min each with a 3:00 min walk in between and as a cool down at the end. Choose an agility drill to complete the workout (listed below).

3.) 30/30’s – 10 x 30 second sprints followed by 30 second jog. Finish with 10 minute recovery jog at light intensity.

4.) 20 minute steady state run at a good pace. Finish with an agility drill to complete the workout (listed below).

5.) 90 Second Runs – 8 x 90 second runs with 3:00 min recovery between runs.

6.) 300 yard shuttle run – Set up two cones 25 yards apart, start at one end and run to end and back for a total of 12 25 yard runs. High intensity with a completion time of 1:15. Rest 3:00 min in between and run 5 total.

7.) Repeat 100’s – Two sets of 6 x 100 yd runs (21 second goal for 1st set and 23 second goal for 2nd). :45 second rest between runs; 3:00 min rest between sets. 10:00 minute cool down job.

8.) 2:00 minute runs – 5 x 2 minute runs with 2:00 minute rest in between. Finish with an agility drill to complete the workout (listed below).

Selected agility drills

AFL Agility

Arrowhead Agility Pro Agility Shuttle Illinois Agility Compass Agility Box Agility T Drill

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